Applicant Process Guide

  • Prepare your Credentials

    Send your BioData/Curriculum Vitae together with your Certificate of Employment,
    Transcript of School Records, Seminars & Trainings and other pertinent documents.

    Note: Authenticated School Records. (A requirement by government agencies, on their side, to rid of pseudo professionals
    like doctors, dentists, nurses, architects and engineers working in those countries without the proper training & education).
    Submit them to the office.

  • Are you Selected?

    Submit the following original documents:

    1) Authenticated school records (if required);NBI (travel abroad) & Passport

  • Its Time for A Medical Exam!

    The medical report is a requisite for visa stamping.

  • Get ready for POEA Requirements.

    Documents required for POEA processing are then prepared, such as:

    OFW information sheet; Phil. Health data record sheet & OFW ID form.

  • Next is PDOS.

    Schedule the pre-departure orientation seminar (PDOS), and upon completion,
    certificate of attendance is submitted to the office.

  • Clearance and Fees.

    And on the date OEC is released, the applicant should have paid the placement fee and
    a clearance from Accounting is issued to every departing worker.
    When an applicant has settled all dues, advise the employer to send the PTA.

  • Your flight schedule.

    Applicants should be informed of their departure date. Lady applicants must undergo pre-departure
    pregnancy test a day before their scheduled flights.

  • You are READY TO GO!

    Applicants are advised to be at the airport four (4) hours before departure time. It's recommended that original
    documents are given out at the airport to avoid such documents getting lost.
    These include OEC, PDOS, NBI, medical report, passport and ticket.

Legend of Abbrevs (Abbreviation)

CV - Curriculum Vitae
NBI - National Bureau of Investigation
OEC - Overseas Employment Certificate
OFW - Overseas Filipino Worker
PDOS - Pre-departue Orientation Seminar
POEA - Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
PTA - Prepaid Ticket Advice